Sunday, December 02, 2007

The 2008 Triathlon Season Begins!

Yesterday, we started our winter training. I am so happy to be back, it was tough seeing how out of shape I've become in the past 2 months, but great to realize it doesn't have to stay like that.
This has been a really tough Autumn for me. It seems like one malady after another has kept me from getting back into the swing of things. Yesterday, I was still fighting a terrible cough but after taking some asthma medicine from my inhaler, I was able to continue the workout. The truth is that yesterday is the best I've felt in a long time. I slept well. My back didn't ache. I was happier and more upbeat than I've been in a while. My cough even seems to have improved, even if it almost brought me to my knees yesterday during my "run." Yes, run is in quotes because it was more like a walk, run, stagger, stagger, walk. I'd run, feel that the heavy breathing was just too much, because of all the congestion. Then walk. When I walked is when I uncontrollably started coughing...which the running seemed to help, so I'd run to stop coughing and get the idea.
It was really wonderful to see all of the "baby pink" TRIgirls moving on to be the experts. The pros that will be able to answer all sorts of questions for the next baby pinks. It was wonderful to see everyone again, but especially to be inspired by the baby pinks taking on full and half Ironmans in the coming season.
As for me, I'm focusing more on the season ahead. Trying to figure out what races will complete my season.
So far, I've committed to
The Great Cheapeake Bay Swim 4.4. Miler on June 8th
I Love the Tavern Sprint Triathlon on June 29
Sandman Triathlon on Sept. 14th
The Richmond Marathon on November 15
I'm thinking about
The Williamsburg Patriot Half on Sept. 6th (or possibly the International)
Still have to sort things out. I really want to do one half this season and one Olympic or International distance race. That Charlottesville one sounds fun but hilly and hot!


Kevin said...

I did the Charlottesville International last year. It was truly a butt kicker. However, it did make me a better cyclists. The run is single track mountain bike trail. It was also very tough. However, I do recommend it. It was small and fun.

Sarah said...

The only one we share is the Tavern race, which I'm going to do the whole thing this year.

As for internationals, I'm definitely doing Big Lick and likely Luray. I kinda like living in the mountains -- makes this hill training a little easier :-)

Oh, and have a blast on the bay swim. That's on my life's must-do list.

TriGirl 40 said...

You sound psyched for the season! And I know a great half IM in Long Island this summer. ;)