Monday, December 31, 2007

Free Rice Makes My Day

I just came across a new website that I LOVE. I mean really love. It is you play a game testing your vocabulary and when you get words right you earn rice for 3rd world countries. I'm such a skeptic. I seems too good to be true. I had to check Snopes to make sure it was real. But it is. The rice is paid for by the advertisers at the bottom of your screen, which strangely enough keep catching my attention as I'm trying to figure out words that I've never seen before.
I think what I like best about this site is that I can totally indulge in a computer game and yet not feel too guilty. After all I'm learning vocabulary and helping feed the poor. What more could you ask for? Now go try it. Just don't blame me if you get addicted!


Melissa said...

this is a good one! i keep it on my favorites list for a break during the day!

Mommymeepa said...

OH my gosh. That is so cool. I donated 1000 grains of rice and had to stop cause I gotta get some work done, but thanks for sharing. I will definetly be telling all my friends about it.