Friday, September 21, 2007

The Rest of the Story: Sandman Race Report

I should have written this before, the day I got home from the race while I was still tired from it. I have been taking the week off. I think as I mentioned before I had been sick right before the race and my nurse practitioner had asked me not to. The deal was that I would take one whole week to do nothing after the race and well, that is exactly what I have done. Nothing. No strength training Monday or Wednesday, no Sunday swim, no brick on Saturday and no run on Thursday morning. Truly I've done zilch.
So, now that I'm writing the race report, I hardly feel like a triathlete. It's funny how fast you forget all of those long workouts. Here are some photos. OK lets see if this helps me remember.
Yep, this is my favorite part of the race. Daisy was so excited to see me. Her dad had miscalculated my swim time (I was too fast) and then had gotten distracted, so she, Redfish and Mr. Preschool missed me on both my transitions. I hadn't really thought about missing her or wondered where they were, I was too busy concentrating on my race. But all of a sudden, there she was! She and Redfish were so excited to see me. And, she just started running. I held her hand and we ran together to the finish line. It was really nice to show her one of the many reasons I do triathlons. Because she was running with me, of course we got all this attention. Actually, I don't think I've ever heard a crowd cheer so hard for me. Wait, it must have been here they were cheering for. Anyway, she got to truly sense what it feels like to cross a finish line (regardless of your place). And I think, and I hope, she found that inspiring.
We talked about how the next time I volunteer at a race, she'll come help too. I think she is finally ready. And next spring, she'll do her first race (and no, I won't be running across the finish line with her then.
Actually, I've never published a photo of either of my kids. So, here is her official internet debut. I guess she's old enough for that too. Not much of a race report. Sorry. I guess I waited to long.
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The Scott Family said...

great photo ... I love finishing with the kids :)

Cyndi said...


You always take the BEST pictures in a race but this is my favorite!! You both look so incredibly happy!!! Congrats on a great race and enjoy your much deserved time off!


Sarah said...

I LOVE this picture. What an amazing thing for her to get to feel so young. I hope one day I'll get to cross the line with one of my kids.

TriGirl 40 said...

Sounds like Daisy is following in her mom's footsteps. And a great race report finish story!

Diane said...

Love the picture - that is the best!

Susie said...

Sweet, sweet picture! :)


Nancy Toby said...

Beautiful, beautiful! Definitely a keeper!