Tuesday, October 02, 2007

My Decorations

Little Redfish and I were laying in bed the other day, snuggling.
"What are those things on your tummy Mama?" he said.
"What things?" I said as I pulled down the part of my shirt that had inched its way up.
"You know," he says sticking his little fingers on my belly. "Your decorations!"
"Oh those!" I say. "Those are called stretch marks Sweetie!"

"What are those things on your arms Mama?" he says as he runs his finger on the inside of my upper arm. You know the place, right were it flaps around when you run and you pretend not to hear it. And then you say to yourself, well it's OK your arms make that sound when your running because at least you ARE running.
"Oh, honey, you mean my decorations?" I say.
"Those aren't decorations, Mama!"
You just can't win with a 3 year old!


Melissa said...

kids say the cutest things! i think we all should refer to our blemishes as decorations! what a great perspective!

TriGirl 40 said...

Adorable and interesting observations by Redfish! Thanks for sharing.

tryingtotri said...

That is too funny!