Friday, September 07, 2007

Back to School

Redfish started school today. Am I allowed to say that even though I didn't leave him? Actually, since it was the first day, we weren't supposed to leave, but still he had a great first day of school. I think he fell in love with 2 of his 3 teachers already.
"Mama, I LOVE her name!" he says to me, 2 seconds after I finally persuade him to leave the classroom by enticing him with the playground.
"Which one?" I say. "Elizabeth," he says.

After the 30 minutes of classroom time, we played on the playground for an hour and a half. He still didn't want to leave. The only way I got him out of there was to let him bring a piece of the playground with him. He finally settled on a pine tree pom pom, when I told he couldn't bring a giant tree branch stick that he had become attached to.

We'll see if he goes running out of the car when he goes back for his first real day of school on Wednesday. The teachers take them out of the car at carpool so that the kids are doing the leaving, not the parents. That will make for an awkward good bye, but I bet he'll go running into class, even on the first day. He is so ready! No one can tell he is still 2.

I think this is going to be a good school year for both the kids. Daisy has an excellent teacher, and she loves first grade. I'm going to have some free time, for the first time in 6 1/2 year. I can't wait to clean the house!

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carmen said...

i too am looking forward to cleaning my house
on november five
or whenever this darned semester ends
or something...