Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Eagleman Forecast

Sunday Jun 10
AM Rain
Hi: 76° Lo: 69°
Mostly clear skies. High 76F and low 69F.
50% chance of rain

I know it is early....and it seems to good to be true, but Mr. Preschool usually comes through for me....and the forecast for Eagleman looks great! A high of 76! That is all I could ask let's hope it doesn't change.


Cyndi said...

Oh, please say it's so!!! Where did you get the forecast? I pulled up for Cambridge and it came up with mid 80's (and the Friday and Saturday prior is low 90's!!) I hope your forecast is correct!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed between now and the big E!!!!

Nancy Toby said...

Just plan on having the weather SUCK and you may be pleasantly surprised!

Figure on monsoon conditions during the swim, deer flies on the bike, and heat stroke during the run....