Friday, February 09, 2007

Reasons to Stay Awake at Night

I've been having trouble sleeping. Too much going on, at home and in the world. My 10 day trial membership at the JCC has made working out in this cold easy. The childcare workers watch Redfish (and Daisy if needed)....I run, run, run on the treadmill and lift weights in the nice warm air. I waited until the last week in January to use the membership because my running workouts had been suffering. It's just too cold to drag Redfish out into the teen degree air just to get a run in.

At the same time, I knew I had to do something. I was falling so behind on the runs, I knew I was at a point of make it or break it.

Oh, but I'm getting sidetracked. ...What I wanted to say is that running on the treadmills at the JCC just makes me feel like the world is ending. No less than 6 T.V.s to watch all, all on different channels, foretelling different stories of doom on the closecaptioning.
I try not to watch it. I have my ipod stuffed in my ears. I try to concentrate on my intervals. But Dr. Phil sucks me in with 4-year-old boys who weight 187 lbs and steal Twinkies from the locked cabinets. CNN sucks me in with "Anna Nicole Smith 1967-2007: Former Playboy Bunny found collapsed in Florida Hotel" ....with just a minor mention that she has a several month old baby somewhere and no one knows who the hell the father is. "Chemical Fire burns out of control in Kansas City, Missouri....residents evacuated.".... Yet another "US military helicopter is shot out of the sky in Iraq"..... And "Letter bomber strikes again in Britain."

Not to mention my personal life. Daisy has 6 -- count 'em 6 cavities. And I should mention we don't really eat candy...and she does brush her teeth....but the spacing on her teeth and genetics have contributed to a disaster area. Not to mention the fact that the pediatric dentist is trying to rob us blind in her McDentist teeth factory. ...Redfish is trying to get in to a highly competitive preschool that we can't afford....but our back-up school called to tell us they were closing. So many tasks at hand each day that I can' t get done. So much so that after tossing and turning all night...when I finally when I wake up at 5 or 5:30 in the morning...I have to come downstairs and try to work on solve the problems because I can't go back to sleep.

But, actually, that's not the only kind of sleeping trouble I'm talking about. ... I'm also talking about when I leave at 6:45 p.m. to go cycling. The kids are in the P.J.s, their teeth are brushed, stories are read when I leave. When I come home at 8:20, I walk in the door and Mr. Preschool tells me not to do the dishes because Redfish JUST fell asleep.
"What did you guys do for the last hour and a half? I had them ready for bed when I left!"
"We'll," says Mr. Preschool, "I just went up there for the 4th time of him calling me with different excuses why he couldn't sleep. You know he had to pee, then he needed water....You know what he said the last time I went in there?"
"No, what did he say?"
"Dada, I have a soft BUTT!"
OK Redfish -- go to sleep already. You'll have plenty of time to worry about the problems of the world later.
As for me, I'm gonna run outside in the cold....and try to solve the problems of the world while I run....not while I'm on a leash on the treadmill feeling the weight of the world. No wonder I can barely walk when I get off that thing, it's like a bad dream...and getting off of a boat at the same time.


Melissa said...

Everything will fall into place as it is supposed to. Don't forget in all this stress how much you rock! I think you could use a day at a spa! When's Mother's Day?

TriGirl 40 said...

I just about lost it when I read Redfish's last attempt at escaping bedtime. But you - get some rest - try turning the mind off - and I'll see you tomorrow morning for a run in the cold.

Andra Sue said...

I hear ya, sistah! I've had some serious stress as of late and I haven't slept well in weeks. It's totally not fun to feel like a zombie all day. Kudos to you for keeping up the workouts during this time!

Andra Sue said...

Oh, I also meant to tell you...the fastest I've ever run a mile was 10:23...and I was toast for the rest of my track workout after that. So, you're faster than at least one other person out there!!! Yay!