Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Eagleman Homestay

I am happy to stay that I've been assigned my Homestay host for Eagleman. I think it is amazing that complete strangers, who have an appreciation for the sport, open up their homes to athletes. For this I am incredibly grateful. (As I am not prepared to pay the $1,800 a night, required to rent a suite at the local hotel).
And after I experience the Homestay, I will seriously consider hosting an athlete myself when they come for the 2007 Duathlon World Championships here in Richmond at West Creek. (Although I'm not sure how Mr. Preschool will feel about that, considering it's our anniversary).

I don't want to say too much to protect the privacy of my host...but I do want to say that I am very pleased with the location... just maybe 3 blocks from the race, very close to the swim exit/bike transition.


Nancy Toby said...

That sounds perfect for Eagleman! Walk to the start!!!

JRo said...

That's awesome TriMom :-) We're right there with you on the spending too much on a hotel. We're camping out this year right by the race site. We camped out last year, but we were just spectating then. Well...I'll still be a spectator, but a darn good one though! You'll hear me cheering you on for miles and miles!

matthew said...

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