Friday, January 26, 2007

USA Triathlon Rankings

I guess it is sort of silly...but everyone likes to know how they measure up right? USA Triathlon just came out with their unofficial 2006 rankings. They took the best times for your top 2 races and averaged them. I've read that the rankings are one of USAT's most popular it really must be true...even those triathletes like me, who aren't really competative still are competative, at least with themselves.

So, if you are at USAT member, go have fun and play with the numbers. It is really nice to see how you improve from year to year and from race to race. And it is really nice to have all of your races right there ranked together.

Here are my results:
Rank is 1726 out of 2023 athletes who were ranked nationally

54.9435 Points
60.4379 Gender grading (ranged from a low of 37 to a high of 97)

The first 2 races were used for my ranking.
3 Sports Triathlon
1:27:40 time
54.2798 points
59.7078 gender
Sandman Triathlon
1:57:53.80 time
55.6072 points
61.1680 gender
Iron Girl Columbia Women's Triathlon
2:24:41 time
53.1683 points
58.4852 gender
Power Sprint Triathlon
1:29:10 time
52.8321 points
58.1153 gender


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