Monday, January 08, 2007

Story Corps on NPR

A friend sent this invitation to tell America's story to me . What a great idea! I hope I can make it. I'm thinking maybe DaisyHead Maisy would like to tell her story.....

What does your community sound like? StoryCorps, a national oral history
project, dedicated to preserving America's story in sound, is coming to
the Richmond area, and we want YOU to be involved. Help us to spread the

88.9 WCVE/89.1 WCNV is bringing a StoryCorps mobile recording booth to
Richmond. This event will create an opportunity for Virginians to
contribute their voices to the largest oral history project in the history
of the United States.

We're inviting you to an informational meeting because we want your voice
to be included in this historical record. Please come to one of our
meetings to learn how to include your voice and the voices of your
community in this record. A StoryCorps representative will be speaking and
answering your questions on Tuesday, January 9 at 7 pm and Wednesday,
January 10 at 11 am at our studios at 23 Sesame Street in Richmond.

We need your help spreading the word to the people of central Virginia and
the Northern Neck. We want to hear everyone's story, from the barber down
the street to your great-grandfather's best friend. Please feel free to
forward this invitation to others you feel would benefit from this
meeting. This is your chance to make history.

Please confirm your attendance and the meeting time you prefer by emailing
us at

For directions to our station, please go to
For more information on StoryCorps, please go to

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