Monday, January 29, 2007

San Clemente Triathletes -- Right here in Richmond

I took Redfish to his gym class today. He is totally in love with Rompy, the gym dog, from Romp & Roll. And Grandma Sudi is paying for 5 weeks of gym classes as his Christmas present, since it was an extravagance we couldn't afford.
Anyway, I see this chick across the kiddy circle area with a little girl Redfish's age. The mom looks sort of polished. Sort of preppy, but like maybe she's turned more casual since she stays home with her kid. She does have makeup on...but hmmmm. Anyway, I look down at the text on her shirt because it is a really cool retro T -- red with 3/4 sleeves and double white bands with stripes where the arms join the shirt.
The shirt says, "San Clemente Traithlon."
I'm thinking, well, she does look just a little polished, but you know...having just been to the Tri Club banquet and seeing how well we clean up. Yes, I bet she's a triathlete. Unlike myself, she is thin. Very thin. She looks healthy. ...Triathlons started in the West....California a hotbed of triathlon.
"Wow," I think to myself. USAT is right...triathlons are really, really spreading...really becoming mainstream. Last night, at the first official TRIgirls meeting of the season I saw plenty of women joining TRIgirls...women who I might not have guessed would want to be triathletes. Women of all races, all sizes, from girly girls to more Tomboy types and everything in between. "Why not?" I thought.
I was proudly wearing my TRIgirl logo fleece vest. So, after class, I asked her...."So did you do that San Clemente?"
"What?" she said looking confused.
"I said, did you do the San Clemente Triathlon? That's a really cool shirt!"
"Oh," she says "Nooooooo! This is just an Old Navy shirt I bought...Are you serious?"
"Well," I said, "I'm on an all women's triathlon team and I just thought that maybe you were a triathlete. Have you ever wanted to do one? We are starting our season February 15th, are you interested?"
Man, you should have seen the look on her face!
"No, I HATE running," she says. "I HATE it....And I can't swim!"
No convincing her there.
I mean, can you imagine? Why would you wear a shirt like that? Talk about not wearing Ironman M-dot logo before you do an Ironman. Old Navy is getting a whole crop of ignorant people to wear super-cool race tees. I should have race tee i've ever gotten has ever been that cool. (Now maybe that is something to shoot for -- a girly race tee.)
So, I Googled "San Clemente Triathlon" and find out that there is actually at San Clemente race, called the San Clemente Challenge but it is just a cycling event. And actually, the shirt is WAY cooler than her shirt. It is a technical bike jersey and it's free-- here's the photo. Next time I'm out in California, I'll be doing this race.

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