Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another Workout, Another Night

Well.....a change in perspective...and a change in coaches and I did it. I made it through cycling class last night actually standing when we were told to stand and pedal on our bikes. Coach M said not to tell you but...shhhh I'm sure you'll keep it a secret. He went sort of easy on us.
Hmmm. Maybe he saw how much I was struggling through Ed's class? Basically, we did a ride simulation with lots of rolling hills, one big hill and one very, very big hill. So, because we weren't "grinding it out" the whole time, we were able to save some for the hills.
Still, we did get a good work out. And I KNOW I got my heart rate up there, because I felt it, but it was a much more resonable workout. More of a transition from what we had been doing to what we will be doing. I'd say we still stood about 8 times. And I'd say that some of them were for 30 second intervals....but not all of them. Also, my form wasn't great, I know that -- too much weight on my arms and the handlebars. And my rpms dropped way down when I stood....BUT still, I did it! Seems like Coach M knew exactly what I needed, just a little reinforcement to say you CAN do this. And a little backing off to make it more attainable -- for now, that is.
Still, I came home with wet hair, but not the wettest. (Mr. Preschool says he can always judge my mood and my workout by how wet my hair is).


TriGirl 40 said...

So the wetter the hair, the harder the workout - but the better or worse the mood? :) Congrats on a great bike workout! You can - and will - do this and more!

carmen said...

ive been judging my effort
by whether or not
there are any dry spots on my shirt
at the end

they certainly are preparing us for
what lies ahead...