Monday, January 22, 2007

Patriot's Half

I'm so excited that there is a new triathlon this year within an hour's drive of my house. The Patriot's Half and Lady's Patriot triathlons will include open water swims in the James River, right near Jamestown, the birthplace of this nation.
I guess the bigger question is, will I want to sign up for another half iron distance race. Let's hope the anwer is yes. But, I think it's worth the $25 price increast to wait until after my first attempt to see if I want to sign up for another one this year. And if I didn't have the Sandman a week later, surely I'd sign up for the Patriot's Lady if not the half.
I'm so happy there are more and more races to choose from. There is nothing like racing in the open water....and still sleeping in your own bed the night before the race.


The Wrench said...

I'll be photographing the medal shots at the LP and will be racing the Sandman :)

AmyE said...

I live in Williamsburg and I was just doing a search to see to see if I could still sign up for the Lady Patriot. I've never done a triathlon. I've been running for 23 years, I love to swim, and I have a bike, so I figured I could just see what it's like. I run by Jamestown all the time. Are you going to do the race? Where do you live? Our friends from Northern Virginia are coming tonight. The husband is doing the Half tomorrow.

Glad to have found your blog.