Saturday, December 30, 2006

Wipe Out

OK. We all have bad days and today was one of mine.
The day started out great. Daisyhead Maisy turns 6 today, so even before breakfast I got to watch her open three fairy-related presents. (Thank God Fairies are the new Barbie.)
Then, off to cycling class.
Saturday workouts on our trainers are always harder than the Monday/Wednesday night ones, and you know if we are taking an extra day off (New Year's Eve) then things will be even harder. I'm not sure if it is that or if maybe we've just reached a new level. You know, when you look back at those workouts from the first week of December and we only rode in the big chain ring for short intervals. Now, we ride in the big chain ring for all but the first 5 and last 5 minutes of the workout.
Anyway, on the run, I was feeling particularly emotional. Not sure why. But if I was feeling it, anger, or sorry for myself, or it was just a song that reminded me of this time last year... it didn't matter. Seemed like whenever I took a deep breath I was ready to cry. Then I noticed that actually the emotions were triggering my asthma. That's a new one for me. So I stopped running and walked until my breathing calmed down. I thought I was going to have a full blown asthma attack for only the third time in my 33 years.
I still don't know why I was feeling like that but I guess everyone has their days. And although I did notice an increase in the intesity of the workout, I certainly didn't feel like I was being pushed to my limits. I got to running again, and noted the sigh of relief point (when I have only 1/2 a mile left of my 4 mile run.) I was distracted in my thoughts though I don't know what I was thinking about.
The next thing I know, I'm falling to the ground at warp speed, with not even enough time to put my hands out to catch myself. The sidewalk had worked itself up in a kink on one side and caught my shoe. My knees hit the ground first, and then the palms of my hands. The pain was hard, I felt like I'd high fived a cement wall that was speeding toward me. SMACK! The blood started dripping down my knees and my hands. And I'm ashamed to say crying again. After looking to make sure noone witnessed my fall, I turned onto a sidestreet to finish my run. And for the first time in a while, I felt like I'd hit the wall and gone through it. I wasn't tired at all of running, but I was exhausted. I felt like I could run forever, like I didn't want to stop. But then, I was back at my car.
I was supposed to stop and buy a present for Daisyhead Maisy's birthday and balloons for the party. I couldn't forget the balloons.... but I just went straight home to my family and took a shower instead. And once I got the dried blood off and the water ran clear, I felt much better.


carmen said...

how can we NOT be emotional
when left to our own thoughts and devices on a run?

it gets me all the time!

congrats on making it through a tough one
physically and emotionally


Anonymous said...

AND HAPPY HAPPY 6th Birthday to the little fairy!