Friday, December 29, 2006

Dada Paints the Sky

Redfish is growing in leaps and bounds. His ear infection, which he's now had for 2 weeks hasn't stopped him at all. (He got a new antibiotic today). He's started trying to entertain us almost all the time with jokes and tricks (takes after me). His logic is kid logic, the best kind. It doesn't really make sense to adults, but make perfect sense to him....and sortof make sense to adults if you just pretend your a kid.
Like each and every time we see a beautiful sunset he asks, "did Dada paint the sky?" And, it is true, the skies we see look like Dada's paintings. "Did Dada paint the tree he asks?"
And when we wake up in the morning and the sun is up and it is no longer dark, he says, "It's WORKING!" Amazed everyday that the sun comes up.

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TriGirl 40 said...

We should all think more like Redfish. I'll be smiling the next time I wake up and "it's working."