Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Test

I've been thinking about it alot. Self sabotage.
Sometimes when you are scared of something or scared of failing, you actually can make it worse for yourself. I'd been trying to keep my mind off of the upcoming 1 mile fitness test that would gauge our fitness and help our coaches come up with an intensity plan for our workouts. It turns out by trying to keep my mind off of it and trying not to stress myself I subconsiously was still worrying and found a few ways to make things harder on myself.
For example, maybe I shouldn't have run 4 miles at the Vita course and then walked a fifth when when 15 hours later i'd be trying to get my PR for my mile. And then, eventhough I knew the running test was that morning, I still ate breakfast, which I don't normally like to do before running workouts.
Anyway, my 1 mile PR was 11.05, quite a bit off of the 10.21 from earlier this year. It still sucks to be last (always). But at least I've got nowhere to go but up.
Nancy Toby posted this really great running calculator on her blog. I put in 37.50 as my PR for a 5K (at the end of a sprint triathlon) and it gave me a cute little chart that I'm still trying to figure out.


Bolder said...

i dunno why, but, i stressed more over the tests then i did my races...

even skipped a 1,000 yd swim test one day, because i was so stressed out over it.

i'm just not good in training, or in fitness tests, in order to do my best, i need the sound of a gun and a rabbit!

carmen said...

the good coach said to "sandbag"
i think i will be happier with
workouts based on my mile
last saturday
than i would be with
workouts based on my pr

i may also have sabotaged a bit
but i still consider
a bottle of wine
to be a serving size!

TriGirl 40 said...

It may be one of those situations where you can't win - or win - either way. If you got a PR, the goals set may be harder to meet. Though your time was a little higher, maybe you'll be able to fly by the training goals a little easier. Well, that is what I am going to tell myself this coming Saturday, anyway.

On a side note, I absolutely agree with Carmen, a bottle of wine is a serving size.