Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why Do Kids Have to Watch T.V. at School?

Ok. This is just a rant. And not triathlon-related at that. Unless you count a sedentary lifestyle with too much T.V. as triathlon-related.
Why does my daughter watch T.V. at school? . How is that helping her? If she's learning from it, I don't like what she's learning. Dare I call her teacher lazy? Not just on rainy days. or special occasions -- that would be fine. I can't determine if it is EVERYDAY, but almost everyday, she watches TV at school. They finished Disney's Jungle Book by watching it several days in a row. Then it was a sort of demented version of Frosty the Snowman ("the bad guy was much meaner than in our version" says Daisyhead Maisy). Followed by another 30 minute movie afterwards.. that she can't even remember the name of (i'm not sure if that is a good thing or if that means her mind has turned to mush already!
This is kindergarten for Christ's sake. At home, where we are the only "family" we know in Richmond who does not get cable or "magic T.V." as we call it. We have banished the T.V. from our living area because we were watching too much (which wasn't much compared to other families). Now, unfortunately that means the T.V. is in our bedroom -- a place we swore we would never put it.
And why did I have to keep Daisyhead Maisy home from school today? Was she sick? No. I had to keep her home because the entire kindergarten, all 90-something 5- and 6-year olds were going to see "Happy Feet" in IMAX at the Science Museum. This is a show that the Chicago Tribune reviewer says, "I wouldn't take a child under 7 or 8 to see "Happy Feet."
The reviewer, Micheal Phillips, says "By the time Mumble nearly loses his mind in zoological confinement, director Miller seems determined to send youngest viewers into therapy and swearing off zoos altogether. (My (his) nearly-6-year-old son's review of this plot development: "Movie, please be over.")
A movie that is rated PG. Now what kind of parental guidance can they give 90-some kindergartners in the dark, when there are like 4 teachers and a handful of parents? Who will explain "the "Jaws"-like attack of the leopard seal" scene to them? And how is it that I have to pay $16.50 for my child to go even though she isn't going? Not to mention the fact that after the 1 hour and 48 minute movie is over they will watch an approximately 30 minute planetarium show and there will not be ANY time at all to see anything educational at the Science Museum.
Am I the only parent at this school who doesn't endorse taking there child to a "often frighteningly intense story."


Grandison said...

A month later and I'm just now reading this. YOU GO MOM is what I have to say. You did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Amen. I'm so glad that all parents aren't completely oblivious to the dangers of too much tv. So many parents have gotten very lazy about limiting TV and there are 3 year-olds in my son's school watching violent shows like power rangers- NOT age appropriate, people! If you can't watch the show WITH your child, your child should not be watching. The American Association of Pediatrics says 2hrs per day is a MAXIMUM. ITs not fair for your kids teachers to be using up part of the TV max at school when they should be learing.