Sunday, August 06, 2006

Naylor's Beach

So, we did the Naylor's Beach practice ride and swim yesterday. It was tough. I should have known I was in for trouble the when I realized the last thing Mr. Preschool said to me was "When you get back from your ride I need to replace the cleats on the shoes, they shoes keep poping out of the pedals on the hills." Hill number one, middle of the hill, shoe pops out, I lose my balance and fall. I'm lucky I didn't take anyone down with me. Hill number two. Pop you guessed it. Stopped on the hill. Hill three...i'm guessing I don't need to continue this story. That Naylor's ride bucked my confidence a bit. I'm just not sure how much of it was technical and how much of it was me.
i hope i'm ready for Irongirl. I've been putting in lots of hours training, but i'm getting burned out. I guess i'm ready to taper. 1 more week before i can though.
The team is going great. Some of those girls are so damn competative! The marathon chiquitas are making the rest of us look bad!
Still struggling to get the weight off (big surprise) I figure I've struggled with it for 28 years, I'm going to struggle for 28 more, at least. I'm not at my goal weight, but still on my way down, plus i've added lots of muscle.
After IronGirl and Sandman, I'll need a rest. So after 4 races this season, I'll be sitting out at the ACAC. I didn't really enjoy the wet, 35mph downhill at 6 am when it was still freezing cold out in the middle of October. I guess there is a reason the ACAC is the last triathlon on the east coast.


kozzy said...

Hi triathlon mom,
Keep plugging will have time to rest this winter :0) It sounds like you are doing great getting the weight down, not an easy task!! I am down 30lbs since Jan and actually feeling great....finally!!!
Keep up the good work.

nancytoby said...

Good luck for a great race at Irongirl! I know you'll have fun! I was signed up but then had to cancel to go to a wedding this weekend. Truth be told, I'd rather be doing Irongirl....