Monday, August 28, 2006

Getting Results....

Ok, first the results...then the race report.
I came in 24th out of 40 Athena athletes under 40.
Overall, I came in 918 out of over 1,850 women competing.

I was 11th out of 40 Athenas in the swim, with a time of 20:00
T1 20 3:41
I was 25th out of 40 Athenas on the bike with a time of 1:12:23 14.5 (mph average, but on a very tough course, even the top Athena placers averaged 15-17 mph)
T2 34 2:51
33 place out of 40 Athenas on the run with a time of 45:49 !!!! (OUCH!) 13:53 per mile
Total time was 2:24:41

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