Monday, June 23, 2008

It is all a Balancing Act

I'm looking forward to my first triathlon of the season, I Love the Tavern Triathlon, on Saturday. I've afraid to say I've been feeling a little burned out and I'm hoping that doing one of my favorite races will bring me back from feeling that way.

Regardless, I've made some decisions. I've decided against the Richmond Marathon this year. And, I've decided against the Patriot Half. I'm not sure how this will affect my 2009 season if I decide to do Ironman Florida, which doesn't seem likely.

I kept thinking, Ironman Florida or go back to work. Now, I'm thinking maybe going back to work is best for my family. Ironman Florida can wait.

I feel like while I started training to add balance to my life and my family (which was way to focused on just my 2-year-old) I'm at the other end of the spectrum. The one week I followed the Patriot Half schedule when I was not away from the kids training, I was too tired to give them much or be there for them. A 6 mile run that would take most folks less than an hour, takes me an hour and a half. And then the biking and swiming on top of that was too much. With Mr. Preschool working on his PhD. with night classes, I just feel like I really need to be there more for my family. Stay tuned....maybe things will change after Saturday.

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Fave said...

your time will come when it's supposed to. give yourself credit for keeping your priorities in check.