Friday, June 06, 2008

Times-Dispatch Covers the TRIgirls

This is a shout out to TRIgirl Amy Godkin, who was able to get some local coverage for TRIgirl Training! There are some really spiffy photos (click on slidshow), and a very short article in today's Times-Dispatch.
I am so proud of the whole team, but especially the 25 girls who were doing their first race! You ladies are so inspiring!

Here ya go:

It's not as if traditional chores (cooking, cleaning and laundering) have been
cast aside.
Only now, a sizable contingent of area women are wedging
swimming, cycling and foot racing into their already hectic to-do lists.
time to introduce the TRIgirls, easily spotted at triathlon competitions in
their hot-pink gear.
"We're serious athletes but also very feminine and
well-rounded," said Grandison Burnside, TRIgirls founder/coach. "That's why we
chose pink -- to show our diversity."
Come one, come all: There are 120
TRIgirls, ages 25 to 60-something. They vary from trail-toughened veterans just
back from Ironman Brazil to beginners like Amy Godkin.
A mother of two and
fundraiser for an area pediatric group, Godkin debuted as a triathlete at the
Shady Grove YMCA PowerSprint on Sunday.
"When I started, I couldn't swim 50
meters without gasping for breath or run a mile . . . and I didn't own a bike,"
Godkin said.
For her 40th birthday, husband Todd Godkin presented his
adventurous wife with the gift of pedal power -- a racing bike.
Godkin was
among a group of 32 TRIgirls (25 first-timers) swimming 300 meters, cycling 20
kilometers and running five kilometers at the Shady Grove "sprint."
Next up
on the 12-event, TRIgirls schedule is the Tavern Sprint on June 29 along the
James River downtown.
Working women: To gain perspective on just who these
"pink ladies" are, here's a peek at recent TRIgirl of the month
Diane Schnupp, IT consultant; Jackie Rice, computer programmer;
Kathleen Martin, lawyer; Susie Fazzio, customer service manager; Carrie
Mayrhofer, pediatric occupational therapist; Kate Bott, fourth-grade
"We've got it all, from women who've never been athletes their
entire lives, to former collegiate athletes, marathoners and Ironman veterans,"
said Burnside, a mother of three and a former English teacher at Salem Middle
Let's sweat: The TRIgirls, based out of Maramarc Fitness, train three
nights a week, with swimming at University of Richmond, running at UR and Byrd
Park and cycling all over on roadways.
Then there are what Burnside calls
"philanthropic/fun things," like raising funds for Safe Harbor Women's
Burnside suspects there is a competitive athlete somewhere in every
woman, longing to be released.
"Most just need someone to get them started .
. . to motivate them," she said.
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joyandpain said...

That is so cool! I was shocked to see my picture at the end of the slide show. I look pretty strange, but that's ok! Thanks for posting this Jonah. (This is Jennifer.)

Good luck on the Bay Swim, sounds exciting!!