Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Believe it or not, it was not the Worst Workout Ever

I was emailing my lil' sis today. She made the mistake of asking how my workout this morning was, now that I've decided I actually have to do them ALL and can't use the Bay Swim as an excuse.
Big Mistake.
Her: How was your workout??? Sorry I missed you!
Me: hhm great except i ran over my tire with my car.
i am not kidding.
Me: Both
Need I say more? I've been meaning to get out of the habit of leaning my front wheel against the back of the car while I put the bike on my roof. Now, I'll stop doing that for sure.

Then, I proceded to put the smooshed wheel in my back seat and run 5 miles of hills. I did not even....cry!


melissa said...

think of the new wheels you get! we love new toys! and i am sure you can find a good deal- you are the best bargain hunter ever!

Annn said...

I am still crying.