Friday, February 22, 2008

Thank You for Voting -- this is not American Idol or a Presidential Primary

I want to thank the so many of you that have taken the time to vote for me. There are a few people in particular who have made a really huge difference. First, I want to thank my friend John Sarvay over at Buttermilk & Molasses who featured me on his site. Countless Richmonders read his blog because it is so well written, funny and smart. Plus, he is always telling us things we need to know! Also, I'd like to thank my Near West End News partner, Kory Mohr, who's been getting the word out both on twitter, his personal blog and a local fitness forum. Also, I'd like to thank Chris Humes over at SPROUT who emailed all the folks in my CSA Veggie Co-Op to support me. And finally, thanks to Sarah over at Fat Girl on a Bike, who has been a huge support, and has said some really nice things about me. And, her words are really good at reminding me why I've taken on this challenge in the first place.

This team is an amazing opportunity for non-elite triathletes. It gives them the
equipment, coaching, sponsorship and training availabilities that most
triathletes can’t afford. It exists to honor the everyman triathlete. Jonah
would make an awesome addition to their team.

And finally, none of this would have happened at all if it weren't for TRIgirl 40. She has been my biggest supporter and started the ball rolling on this whole thing!

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