Thursday, February 14, 2008

On the Mend & TRIgirl Season Kick Off

Good news! Dr. Dec, gave me a good report on my chest/rib injury. She thinks I'll be back to 100 percent with 2-3 more weeks of physical therapy and home exercises. Did I mention that I bought a $35 giant tampon-looking thing to roll around on! Well, anything to get back in the pool. You know that is the one thing that she's keeping me from doing, and also the one thing that I want to do most! Dr. Dec says backstroke only until I regain full movement in my arm and neck and things loosen up in my chest. So, Maybe it will be 2 more weeks before I can do freestyle and make it to masters swimming, but I just can't say how happy I am that I'll be back to my full training schedule in 2-3 weeks.

During Saturday's brick, I even was able to go in aero for about 15 minutes of the 2.5 hour bike. It was the first time in weeks. And overall, the workout was pretty painless, well, except for those 1/2 mile repeats.
I'll be happy when I can focus my time on strength training instead of physical therapy. I've never been in PT before, so I don't really know what it's supposed to be like, but anytime I walk in the door, it is at least 2 hours before I walk out again. Jason does a great job, but I thought Redfish was going to loose it when I had to take him with me and he tried to entertain himself. Have you ever tried to entertain a 3 year old for 2 hours in a doctor's office? Let me just say, I think I'd rather do 1/2 mile repeats!

Sunday is the TRIgirl Big Sister, Little Sister Meet and Great and season kick-off meeting and clinic with our team sports psychologist. I can't wait to finally kick off the new TRIgirl season. There is nothing like a sea of fresh faces to remind you of why you are here, and how far you have come since you started your own triathlon journey.

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