Saturday, November 11, 2006

Richmond Marathon 2006

The Richmond Marathon today was long and hot. And I wasn't even running it. I was out supporting my teamates, riding the course on my bike, cheering them on. Mostly it was riding the brakes the whole way, my voice hoarse from shouting encouragement to random strangers.
I picked up the race at Granite and Cary Street road, passing the police cars and several very slow marathoners who had to walk/walk run with a cop car nipping at there heels. I really related to them....Felt like that would surely be me at least at some point of the race if I was running it. Running makes you loopy. Had fun chatting with the "Big Chafe" Team. Mostly rode the breaks for 12 painfully congested miles.
Caught up with Sharon and Mary, Anna and Kate T., then Lynn, Kate O. and lastly the speedy Carmen. I never did catch Grandison. I spent way too much time riding my breaks.

I was extraordiarily careful of the runners. But, it was so congested I wouldn't suggest riding the marathon course as a cheerleader to anyone else. In fact, I saw several clueless bikers who were impeding runners and being careless.

I did had a blast cheering folks on while passing them...something i don't often get to do.

And, I am in awe of all of all the runners out there. Especially the first timers.

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TriGirl 40 said...

I thought it was great that you were out there, checking in with racers on the course. Then on Sunday, I learned just how great - when I was able to experience it first hand - it was so nice to see a familiar face several times during the race and even have company for a few minutes. I bet the marathon girls really appreciated having you out there.