Friday, November 03, 2006

Race Schedule for 2007

I've been thinking alot about the 2007 season, since the start of training is just a few short weeks away. I'm looking to fill my schedule with some open water....some challenging (for me) distances, and shopping for a new wetsuit, of course. I'm sort of over pool swims, but having a bit of trouble filling the schedule for the middle of my summer. Maybe something will pop up. I guess this would be much easier if I didn't mind spending the night in a hotel. Maybe Richmond needs a new the James the middle of the summer....hmmmmm.

March 31st, 2007 Monument Avenue 10K

Saturday, April (3rd week?) Kinetic Quarter, Date to be determined, Lake Anna, VA

June 10, 2007 EaglemanTriathlon, Cambridge, Md

September 16, 2007 (tentative date) Sandman Triathlon, Virginia Beach, VA


Anonymous said...

Hey TriGirl!

Just found your blog - and so proud of you and all you have done. You write with such honesty - it is very inspiring. TriGirls have a great year ahead - time to enjoy the off season.

Fellow TriGirl!

nancytoby said...

Sounds great! I'm sort of considering Lake Anna... brrrrr! I'll have to get a neoprene cap! Some folks here are thinking about renting a house and doing it right....

Eagleman is a definite!!