Monday, October 23, 2006

Oh My Toe

We'll if nothing more, at least I can say I have good timing.
Friday, I thought I broke my toe. Turns out I didn't but I'm still not sure if I believe them, since the pain is worse than the last and only time I broke another bone in my body. My pinky toe is black and blue in a circular fashion with a bright red line up the top/side area.
I won't be running this week. I'm having trouble walking even without a limp. Shoes make it worse.
Don't even ask me how I did it! I was opening the front door. My foot stayed in one place and my pinky kept going with the door.
At least I got the timing right. I should have plenty of time to heal before we start training for Eagleman at the begining of December.


Iron Pol said...

My wife got her pinkie toe nicely once. She kicked an island in her parents' house. Same thing, black and blue, etc.

The thing about toes is that there's not a lot to do with them. Tape them together, maybe. Nothing so exciting as a cast for people to sign.

Take it easy, and you're right. It's better done in the off season than a week before your A race.

ShirleyPerly said...

Ouch! I've done that a number of times in karate and also while just walking around the house (grrrr...).

Icing and taping the pinky toe to the one next to it helps. Make sure you don't wrap the tape too tightly and be careful that you don't stub the injured toe on something else, like I often do because I guess it sticks out more or something :-(

Hope you're back to normal soon!

Vickie said...

I found your blog on Nancy's, and I can say I sympathize about the toe! I did break mine (or should say had it broken) and it took about 6 weeks to heal. No running during that time (but for other reasons as well). I know how it feels! Hopefully you only bruised it badly, but it still makes it difficult to get a shoe on.