Sunday, July 23, 2006

Race Report 3Sports Triathlon, Birthday race

Never thought I'd choose to do a triathlon on my birthday, but, check, done. Turning 33 was easy. The race was not easy, but it was fun.
Perfect weather for race day. It rained. But, I'm not kidding, it was great. It was about 80 degrees during the race which was super, for July 23rd. We were all wet anyway right?
Highlights were an overall personal record. PR on the bike, barely, PR on the run, barely. Here are the stats.
16th place out of 25 women age 30-34.
6th place swim: 5:43
T1 12 2:43
9th place bike 38:55
23 2:31 T2
23 place run 37:50
Total time 1:27:40

Kate ran in with me, as the announce sang a little happy birthday song, that was fun.
The other highlight was getting to hear Redfish sing Happy Birthday for the first time ever.

As Redfish keeps saying, "Happy (Birthday) Mama"

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