Friday, April 28, 2006

RedFish Gives Us All a Scare

How is it that a day can start out so great, and go downhill so fast? Waking up at 5:30 a.m. wasn't even hard. One of my friends, who I hadn't seen in 8 months, was not only staying with me but getting up to run with me and the rest of the triathlon team. I ran a personal best on a timed mile (although still over 10 minutes, so don't get too excited). And It was a gorgeous morning.
We got home and we were having so much fun, I still had that runner's high. My musical friend, K, was serenading the kids with loose tooth song in honor of Daisyhead Maisy, who's 5 and about to loose her first tooth. Redfish, the 19-month-old, had the biggest grin on his face. His dimples were huge, stars in the sky.

Anyway, 15 minutes later Redfish was screaming in pain. I thought he just wanted to breastfeed, since I'd gone running yesterday without nursing him. So, K offered to take Daisyhead Maisey to school for me. I took Redfish upstairs, to nurse, and not only would he not nurse but he kept alternating between moaning and falling asleep. I put him in his crib and he just laid there and closed his eyes. That's when I knew something was really wrong! He never does that!
So, I picked him up and through him in the car, calling his doctor on the way. By this time I couldn't keep him awake, he was passing out. I was so scared. They told me they could see me at the doctor if I could wait and hour, and all I could think was maybe I shouldn't do that. So, they said, go to the ER. I did a U-ey.
It was freaky as I raced down Monument avenue toward St. Mary's, dialing Mr. Preschool at school on the way. All I could think was this would be the fastest bike ride ever. He had ridden his bike to work, like he does almost every day. I was on the phone with him when he said "let me talk to Redfish" That was so absurd, but I handed Red the phone. Then quickly realized how absurd it all was and grabbed it back. When I turned around I slammed on my breaks. almost hitting the white sedan in front of me. Time stopped. When I realized what had happened i was not only pressing down on the breaks, but also the horn. The person in front of my must have thought i was crazy, like i wanted them to move, when there were 3 cars parked in front of them at the stoplight at Libbie and Monument. I got Mr. Preschool off the phone, just in time to see Red throwing up everywhere. Pulled into the ambulance parking spot and decided i had to park there, put my flashers on and raced him in.
It was really strange. he was so heavy, like he'd never been that heavy before. all his bodywas limp and his muscles were relaxed. He was moaning, and saying "wet, wetty," his favorite word. He hates to be wet.

I kept thinking, what happened. He was fine 15 minutes ago. did he get into something he shouldn't have? did he find a small toy and eat it? did he get into our house guest's bag and find something he shouldn't? I had never seen a kid go downhill so fast.
They weren't busy at the ER. We saw a nurse right away when we got to our room. They were going to put us in room 15, but all of a sudden changed to room number 1. Bad idea. Room number 1 was directly under the construction zone at St. Mary's. I don't know if they are adding floors right on top of the ER or what. But each time he fell asleep we'd hear a jack hammer right above our head. I couldn't even hear the doctor when he came in to talk to us. It was surreal. but after a while, Red got used to it. Can you imagine that?
I was trying to track down our house guest, K, to see if she had any clue what he might have gotten into. Finally I got in touch with her. But i had to call from outside the ER to get reception. That was a good thing, because by the time I got back I had missed them catheterizing Red. I arrived just in time for the IV and the X-ray. He was such a trooper.
Didn't really cry, basically just fought. and said "ALL DONE!" The nurses couldn't believe how strong this 27 lb, 19-month old was. They decided to wrap him in a sheet. It was a cross between a straight jacket and a baby swaddle.
The main problem was when they tried to brace his arm so he didn't bend it and injure himself with the IV needle. They said they wished they'd used an adult size one because the little one was too week and he could move his arm a little. The blood work took and hour to come back. We waited. Worried. We tried to distract ourselves.
Red would sleep, then wake up long enough to vomit on me then we'd change him into a new "tired little tiger" hospital gown, then repeat. Each time he vomited his eyes rolled back in his head and the loudest gurgley sounds came from his belly. Finally, the blood work, and urine results came back. Everything was normal. X ray was normal. the CBC said he had a viral infection in the very early stages. Elevated red blood count. So basically they said he has an intestinal virus. Either that or he's allergic to flax seed.
By the time we go home he was fine. He threw up one more time. Then, he was like any other normal sick kid. In another hour, you couldn't even tell he was sick at all.
It was the strangest thing.

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