Sunday, April 30, 2006

19 miles

Yesterday we met for a transition clinic at West Creek. Each time I attend one, eventhough I know what it will feel like going from swim to bike to run, I try to visualize each transition. I try to learn something. Try to remember how it feels. Yesterday was no diffferent. And I still love to see the excitement of folks getting ready for their first triathlon.
I rode 3 loops, 18 miles. I rode the entire day in my big chain ring. Probably not the wisest thing, since by the time I was ridinging up the Farm Bureau hill for the 3rd time I wasn't sure I could make it without going into my small chain ring. But overall it was a great ride. A little windy. A little cold. But great.
Max speed 30.5 mph
Average 15.5 mph
I felt pretty tired, after but decided to start training my body for the BRICK (bike, run, ick). So I ran about a mile after eventhough I didn't feel like it.
Must of worn me out pretty good. I was in bed by 9 p.m. asleep by 9:03.

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