Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I haven't written for anyone or for anything in a long, long time. Although that is my love and my training, I've had no desire at all to do it since I left Style Weekly back in what, 1997? Wow. That is a long time.
I guess i'm thinking with my youngest kid napping, and my older one in preschool I just might have say, 30 minutes, a day to neglect the household duties and find some passion to write.
Nothing helps you find your voice better than writing it all down.

For the past several months, I've been lurking on two blogs that have been particularly interesting. The two are so so very different. I guess the thing that ties them together is the great writing. I'm still trying to find out how these folks have time to update there blogs so often and with so much information. But I guess reading them has inspired me to write one.

The first is Buttermilk & Molasses, by an old friend, John Sarvay. We worked at the VCU student newspaper, The Commonwealth Times, together. And later I write for his publication, Caffiene. John has such a witty mind and a great way of expressing things. He must spend all day on the net filtering through junk to bring us the best and most relevant political and social meanderings and commentary. If i want to know what is going on in the thinking world, i just tap into his world. And, what a great sense of humor.

The second is http://www.throughth3wall.com/
This is where i find inspiration. not just to pursue my triathletic endevors but also to follow my dreams. Although I sometimes am annoyed with Wil, more often than not, i think she rocks. Through Th3 Wall, follows full-time teacher and mom through training for her first Ironman Triathlon. Ironman proves that not all triathletes are alike, but they all have something in common. I guess that is the ability to never give up. Something i've been striving to attain since I left Style.
One of my favorite posts from Wil's blog.
Get up.
It sucks.
Then it doesn't.
Go train.
It sucks.
Then it doesn't.
In that order."

and I'm not sure about her ten rules. I guess i'm still processing....
Rule #1: Everything is what it is, and I will do the best with what I have. There’s really no other way if you want to be successful at anything. People waste too much time sitting around and bemoaning the fact that things aren’t fair, aren’t practical, are too dangerous, or too taxing, when really, none of it matters. That’s all part of the clutter. There is the desired result, there are the tools I have, and the rest is the execution of getting from point A to point B in tact.

Rule #2: Never, ever, ever, ever, ignore details. A building is made of bricks, an army of individuals; no whole is worth anything without its parts. They make or break the final product.

Rule #3: When the mind is weak, make the body strong. The mind will follow, and it will keep up because it will have no other choice. There is only so much baggage a person can carry over 20 miles on a hot day. Mile 20.2 will be lighter than mile 2. Always.

Rule #4: Never compromise regarding what you are passionate about. If I negotiate, I was never passionate in the first place and not only will I likely lose, but I will deserve to lose. Therefore, since a person can only carry so much over the distance, I will make my selections judiciously. Then fight like hell for them.

Rule #5: There is always something I do not know about, and therefore have not planned for, regarding my situation.Because of this, I need to expect the unexpected, and be flexible enough to adapt to it if I ever hope to overcome it. In. That. Order.

Rule #6: The only permanent things in life are intangible, and inaccessible outside of myself. So if I ever can’t find what I’m looking for out of this life, I know where to look.

Rule #7: Have the courage to lead, and the patience to follow – know when each is required, and know that “why” almost never matters. Things don’t always make sense. Most people hate that, I know I do. But it doesn’t change the finality of the situation at hand. That said, I won’t waste time considering my love or detest for whatever my role happens to be, I’ll just do what I have to do.

Rule #8: Do not complain.It’s a waste of the time one could be using to change the situation.

Rule #9: Anything not born from accomplishment is temporary.Pain, discomfort, emotion, everything passes with time; everything is diluted by one point or another; therefore it’s not solid ground upon which to build anything, and needs support if it is to be maintained. If it's good, support it, if it's not, let it do what it would naturally do -- wash away.

Rule #10: There is always a way.It’s just a matter of how much one is willing to work in order to find it. There. Now I can breathe in here."

Plus my husband John started and art blog and an education blog. So, i figure, make the leap. I think I'm learning that it is just such a great thing....you know to be able to express yourself both publically and personally, both anonyamously and intimately at the same time.

So..maybe for today, this is enough. Now i just have to keep it going. Do i have to do things in order? or can i just do them.

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