Monday, June 29, 2009

Race Results: I Love the Tavern

The I LOVE the Tavern Triathlon race
results are finally posted!
Good news! I did PR on the race overall, but
most importantly, I PR'd on the run, which was my goal.
I was the third Athena out of the water on the swim.
And I had the second fastest bike split.
It is so obvious to me now what I need to do:
work on my RUN! Although I PR'd, if I was 2 minutes
faster I could have placed.
I did give it my all yesterday. I felt great and
had alot of fun.
I LOVED seeing all those TRIgirls out on the course,
and I loved getting to cheer on the other athletes.

Here are my stats from the last
3 years of the Tavern race:

2009 2008 2007
Swim 750m 15:42 15:29 18:43
T1 1:40 2:44 2:53
Bike 18.89 1:06:07 1:05:24 1:04:10
T2 1:43 1:57 1:04
Run 39:38 42:06 40:52
Total time 2:04:48 2:07:39 2:07:40

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Anonymous said...

Hey Triathlonmom, I want to quote you in my book but I can't find any contact info.for you. Will you email me and I will give you more details? If you are not comfortable with that, go to and leave a message for me under "daisy". Thanks, hope to hear from you.

I would give you all the info. here but Google will pick up my name and keywords and I don't need this message to be all over the place!