Thursday, June 25, 2009

Getting Ready: I LOVE the Tavern

I'm getting excited, it's race weekend -- I LOVE the Tavern Triathlon, my favorite local race.
Friday night is the open water swim practice with the Richmond Tri Club, Saturday is packet pick up and setting up the TRIgirl Training team tent for race day, pack my race bag and Sunday, 7 a.m. is race day!
This is the third year they've held this race and I've done it each year. Looking back on my race report from last year is funny -- I PR'd by ONE SECOND! That is completely crazy for a 2-hour race!
This year, my goal for the race is simple -- have a good time, enjoy it -- and especially enjoy the run. The swim is easy to enjoy -- it's in the James River, mostly against the current. Typically I feel at home in the water, even if it is muddy and filled with flying elbows. The bike is beautiful, and wild, mostly country roads, with one incredible hill. I hope that I fly up that hill like I did 2 weekends ago when we practiced the course -- and I hope in flying down it I enjoy the ride and don't break - despite hitting 36 mph.
The run, is a trail run, through the woods and out in to a neighborhood and then back through the woods. I love the shade that the run offers and the privacy of the trail for a moment, in between the runners passing me. This year I've been making stride in my running and I've incorporated trail running into my training for the first time. I'm hoping to feel strong on the run -- really strong and have a great finish. Oh, and a PR, if only by one second, would be nice too!
Stay tuned for the report on Sunday.


SusieQ said...

You have the perfect attitude!

Donna said...

First, a PR is a PR no matter by how much! So awesome for you!!!

What a great attitude -- the more fun you have, the better you will naturally do! I really believe that!

When I'm doing my tri's I really try to fill myself up with thoughts of how grateful I am that to ba able to do this kind of thing at all... I am serious about that; I think that's what goe me through the Danskin/SheRox swim!

Good luck to you this weekend and I'll be sure to think of you when I start mine!

Be awesome and have fun!