Monday, September 15, 2008

Sandman Triathlon Race Results 2008

I finally got my race results from Sandman. I was lucky number 173. The good news, is I placed 3rd in the swim -- averaging 3.06 kph. Don't you just love how they break it down like that, like you are going to travel across the country swimming? I guess is pretty good considering it included the run from the water all the way up the beach.

OK, Here are my splits
Swim 1K: 19:38.20 (no wetsuit)
T1 3:12.70 (slow!)
Bike 46:32.20 19.0mph -- wow, that sounds fast! in fact, it was faster than last year, but they changed the course so it was less windy and more shady, so it's hard to compare to last year's 48:09 averaging 17.4 mph. Actually, last year surprisingly, I had the second fastest bike split. This year, I was 8th, if that is any indication.
T2 1:58.50 (slow again, I need to get Mr. Preschool to put my Yankz! in. I don't even have lace locks. what is wrong with me? Am I a triathlete or what?

Run: 44:06.55 OMG it was H-O-T. I heard that it was 97 degrees, but that may have just been the heat index -- it was 90% humidity. The icey cold ocean was awesome after the race. That is all I wanted, was to stay there....forever. Kids were ready to go though so I pulled myself out.

Overall time for Sandman 1:55:28.15 -- Not a PR, but not too bad either. I really need to start running again! That is what I learned from this race! My run was 4 minutes slower -- it had alot to do with the heat, and my lack of desire to run recently!

Also during this race, I took a shower on the boardwalk, kissed Redfish in transition, and run across the finish line with not one but two kids!

Sandman 2007 1:54:17
Sandman 2006 1:57:53.8


Sara Cox Landolt said...

Wow, nice race! Thanks for the race report. It's fun to read about races in other states.

Best to you in your training,

joyandpain said...

sounds great!! - jenn schooler