Friday, November 16, 2007

I Won the Lottery!

No, not that kind of lottery! The swim lottery. See, there is this race that I've been wanting to do for years. The Great Cheasapeake Bay Swim. Yep, you swim accross the entire Cheasapeake Bay. 4.4 Miles. And, I never thought I'd actually have the balls to sign up. But, it is so hard to get into, you have to enter the lottery. So, I figured, what the Hell, I won't get in anyway, right?
I think that is how they suck you in. But, I did get in. And, I'm like, "How lucky am I? I won the lottery....this might never happen again, I guess I should do this race! I have to hurry, only 24 hours to register or they will give my spot away!"
$250 dollars later, I'm thinking "ACKKKKKKKK, What have I done?"
I don't even belong to a pool! I guess that is gonna' change.

In light of the drownings the past 2 years at Ironman Florida, yes I am scared. But, I am also the kind of person who sometimes needed a push to follow my dreams. So, here goes!


Sarah said...

HOLY CRAP! That's fantastic!!!

tryingtotri said...

Congrats! Looks like 2008 is going to be a great year for you!