Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Drink Beer Kids, the Pilgrims Did

My daughter, who is 6, came home from school yesterday telling me that she drank apple juice, but that everyone in the class had to pretend it was beer. She assured me this was the teacher's idea. Weird. I try not to get to picky with the teachers, but we wrote her a note, just making sure that was right, that all the kids had to pretend they were drinking beer.

Yep. Apparently they were Pilgrims for Thanksgiving and all the water was "rotten" so even the children had to drink beer. BUT, fear not, her teacher said. No one was allowed to get drunk...first of all they were just pretending....and second of all, that apparently was one of the first rules the Pilgrims made, when they got to Plymouth Rock.

I am all for bringing history to life for the sake of teaching, but this seem crazy. By no means am I a teetotaler, but we've always made sure the kids know beer and coffee are "adult beverages". I'm sure many of her classmates don't even know what drunk is. I talked to Daisy about what "drunk" is, what, one time, about 6 months ago. Her version of drunk, "you know when you get in the car and drive around and the policeman catches you." Yeah, I was laughing on the floor. "Oh, yeah" she said about 2 minutes later, "because you drink too much."

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