Monday, July 28, 2008

Voices of the Olympics, Blogging Like Never Before

We all know I love blogs! Which is why I'm so glad that I found the Voices of the Olympic Games athlete blogging website. Athletes are blogging about their experience at the Bejing Olympics on Lenovo Ideapad notebooks. The best part? It is athletes from all over the world, some blogging in English, but many blogging in their native tongue.
Whoever made this website did a great job. You can sort the blogs by country, sport and language. Or by all three.
I know I'll be spending alot of time here over the next 3 weeks. Check it out, I bet you will too.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the comment : ) The Olympics blogging thing sounds very cool - I'm definitely going to check it out! And happy Belated Birthday, too!

Esteban said...

We're really glad you like it! Hope you have the best of times following athletes during the games; it is ought to be some impressive time