Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Choosing My Race

I've been thinking alot lately. Trying to decide where I want to go with this triathlon thing -- what i want from it. I guess it's not surprising that i still haven't figured it out. I have a friend who used to always say she'd never do an Ironman, or half Ironman or even an Olympic distance race becuase that was just to extreme for her. She wanted balance in her life, and training for a sprint triathlon was just right for her life. Even though she won 1st place in her age group, she was satisfied with that and nothing more.
Now me, I'm not competative like that -- meaning I'll never come in first, but I'm not sure that i'll be satisfied with sprint triathlons forever. Balance in my life? There is hardly any balance when you have a toddler. You can try your best and that is all you can do. Between training for a sprint and working part time and trying to be a good partner as a wife, balance happens somedays and it doesn't others. Training for a longer race might just mean a different kind of balance.
I thought I was going to try the Naylor's Beach Olympic distance Aquabike, even said it was made for me, but I don't like the idea of not running at all. Plus, I can't get any details on it. The race director won't email me back.
And ever since I found out about the Ryka IronGirl race I've been thinking now that will be one cool race. It is all women. God bless all 1,600 of them! that is 4 times as many folks as i've raced with before. And, it also sounds like a race created just for me because it is a longer than a sprint race. A long swim (1000 M), a long bike (30K) and a short run (5K). It is a premier race, attracting women from all over the U.S. and it is being put on by the same folks as Eagleman. Plus they are doing the same race in several cities all across the U.S., it's creating a buzz.
So, I'm supposed to decide by today. Naylor's price increase is tomorrow. This is really hard...most of my team is doing Naylor's, but I know from friends that it is not the best run race. Paritcipants told me that last year the swim was almost twice as long as it was supposed to be., when you are looking at your watch and freaking out becuase you've never swum that slow in all your life, you'll be panicing to say the least. Several friends will be racing at IronGirl, but I'll have to drive out of town (Columbia, Md.) and stay with my in-laws if i do it. Both races are the same exact day August 27, 2006.
You know what, it is great to only have this question as a concern tonight. Redfish had been so sick yesterday and last night with a fever of 104 degrees, I didn't even get to work out. Or stop worrying about him for 5 minutes. Or sleep for longer than 45 minutes at a stretch for that matter.
I guess it doesn't really matter at all.

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